What is a Volunteer?

What is a volunteer? Volunteers are the backbone of many organizations and the lifeline of our existence.  The FDSA is very fortunate and appreciative of the willingness of many people who step forward to become a VOLUNTEER.

Volunteeers are the reason we are able to offer such a vast and successful program. We have seen our organization grow to over 250 volunteers who give their time, dedication, skill and love of supporting our youth in this great sport we call soccer.

Our VOLUNTEERS are the leaders in our community who want to make a difference in the lives of so many soccer enthusiasts. What will you get out of volunteering? You will receive the satisfaction of seeing many smiles on the faces of our players and knowing that yes, you do in fact, MAKE a DIFFERENCE.

Role of the Volunteer Coaching Team

Where possible, the FDSA tries to provide a head coach, assistant coach and a helper to assist each team. A shortage of identified volunteers makes it impossible for all teams to have a three member coaching group. If this is the case for your team, we encourage you to canvass and employ your parents…often they just need a little coaxing.

  1. Head Coach – is responsible for providing a safe age appropriate soccer opportunity for his/her team. The coach is provided a team equipment bag which s/he is responsible for having at each team session and takes the responsibility of conducting the evening of play. He or she is responsible to return the equipment to the FDSA at the conclusion of the Year End Jamboree. Coaches are also responsible to “officiate” and control the flow of their games. The head coach will be the main contact between the director and staff.
  2. Assistant Coach – will provide the on-the-field assistance to the Head Coach and conduct the evening of play if the head coach is not available. Typically, the assistant coach has volunteered to help and has some soccer knowledge, but due to either a lack of comfort of their knowledge of the game or their inability to take on a large time commitment, they do not want to be viewed in a primary coaching light.
  3. Helper – typically will be a parent volunteer who will assist in the communication between coach and parents/players; assist in organizing “treats”; assist in dispersing soccer uniforms; assist in equipment assembling; assist in organizing to provide photos, stories, and certificates; or any other tasks which the coaching team would like done. You can view the helper as a manager of the team.

Code of Conduct for Volunteers

You can review the FDSA Code of Conduct for volunteers here.