iS4/FDSA Weekend of Empowerment

FDSA is excited and honoured to partner with the members of iS4 to bring their message of inspiration and empowerment to boys and girls in Fredericton October 21 and 22!

iS4 iS4 was created following the 2012 London Olympic Games on the heels of the historic bronze medal win by the Women’s Soccer Team. It was started by four of Canada’s most decorated soccer players with the simple idea of sharing the medal with as many people across our beautiful country as possible.

What began solely as soccer camps quickly grew into a business; they journey across Canada not only about sharing the medal but also about empowerment, leadership, resilience and team synergy.

Collectively, they have played in 5 World Cups, three Olympic Games, and won two bronze medals in both the 2012 Olympic Games in London and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

To them, the London Olympics felt like a watershed moment in Canadian Soccer. Following the tournament we wanted to make sure they continued to impact Canadians not just while on the field, but also off of it. iS4 was born.


Working across the country with a goal of inspiring kids from coast to cost, our camps focus on fun and creating a once in a lifetime experience.

In addition to running camps independently, iS4 has also teamed up with Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program. Together, Jumpstart and iS4 aim to inspire kids from across the country, regardless of income level.

We have run iS4 Soccer Camps all across the country, from Vancouver Island to Halifax, and have had the chance to reach thousands of kids. The goal of our camps is to connect with kids, to inspire them, and to make their experience while training with us into one they will never forget. We focus not on developing the next soccer star, but on inspiration, fun, and empowerment.

Each clinic ends with iS4 sharing their inspirational stories and experiences. Our clinics teach soccer skills, share our stories with both players and their parents, and give the opportunity for each player to get a photo and autograph. Visit for more information.