REDS EXCEL University Preparation Program (UPP)

The REDS EXCEL UNIVERSITY PREPARATION PROGRAM (UPP) is designed for the most committed and dedicated athletes with in the FDSA program.  This is a program that aims to help young athletes develop the physical, technical, tactical and mental skills to be successful at the College and University level.

Players will apply to participate in the University Prep Program, applications will be reviewed and roughly 15 boys and 15 girls will be selected to participate in the program. APPLICATIONS are due NOVEMBER 2nd

In addition to last year’s program this year we will be offering increased information on the college recruiting process, and will  be trying to offer additional showcase opportunities to players who desire the opportunity to attend more events.

Program Details

When: Mon, Thurs: 6:00-7:30am  in addition to Reds Excel  Academy League schedule

Fri: 5:30-7:00pm

Where:UNB Dome & LB Gym

Cost: Credit = $1656 or Cash/Cheque/Debit =$1600.00

Applications due November 2nd- Registration includes: Registration in the WRSA Academy Program, Tournament Registration fees, and guest speakers.  *Please note that accommodations, transportation and meals are not included in the registration fees

November? to March?